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July 20, 2014

Jul 20, 1944 – Operation Valkyrie

Jul 20, 1944 – Operation Valkyrie – A group of German Army generals plot and execute a plan to assassinate Hitler at the Wolf’s Lair in Rastenburg, East Prussia.

USS New Jersey (BB-62)

May 23, 2013

WWII Events Today, May 23

WWII Events Today, May 23 May 23, 1939 USS Squalus (SS-192) suffered a catastrophic main induction valve failure during a test dive off the New Hampshire coast and partially flooded....

December 7, 2012

WWII Events Today, December 7

WWII Events Today, December 7 Timeline – The 70th anniversary of the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor and other areas of the Pacific region.

October 30, 2012

WWII Photos 10/30/12

Today’s intriguing WWII images from our Pinterest board. Gas masks, USS Enterprise, Jewish parachutists, and more!

June 7, 2011

Newly Restored B-25J Takes Flight

  PAUL ALLEN’S FLYING HERITAGE COLLECTION BECOMES HOME TO WORLD’S MOST ACCURATELY RESTORED, FLYING B-25J BOMBER On Tuesday, June 7th, the plane will depart on its homecoming flight from Chino,...

April 22, 2011

WWII History – April 22

WWII Events Today, April 22 Apr 22, 1941 – Emmanuel Tsouderos was named premier of Greece. Apr 22, 1941 – Two thousand US Army reinforcements were sent to the Philippines....

March 16, 2011

WWII History – March 16

World War II Events Today, March 16 Mar 16, 1935 – Hitler institutes compulsory military service. Mar 16, 1938 – Mussolini changed his opinions on the occupation of Austria in...

March 15, 2011

WWII History – March 15

WWII Events Today, March 15
Mar 15, 1938 – A 10,000-strong Japanese force approached Tengxian, Jiangsu Province, China. 2,000 Chinese troops, supported by less than 1,000 police and militiamen, dug in for an effort to delay the Japanese from reaching their objective, the city of Xuzhou.

January 20, 2011

World War II History – January 20

World War II History for January 20 (1940-1945): Churchill speech, Japan’s spies on the US, Heydrich’s plan, Marines hit Pago Pago, RAF raids Berlin, Russians take Novgorod, and LeMay takes command.

January 6, 2011

Fireside Chat On Battle Of The Bulge

Fireside chat given by Franklin D. Roosevelt after he delivered his State of the Union to Congress on 06 January 1945 covering the Battle of the Bulge.

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