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World War II History for June 1

June 1, 2009 Steve Terjeson 0 Comments

Today in WWII History

Audio Clip: Working up to D-Day we bring you a clip from the BBC with Resistance Messages – 05 Jun 1944

World War II History for June 1

1 JUN 1942 – News of death camp killings became public for first time. The report came from the Polish Socialist newspaper known as Liberty Brigade. The paper stated that tens of thousands of Jews had been gassed at the death camp Chelmno.

1 JUN 1943 – During World War II, Germans shot down a civilian flight from Lisbon to London.

On June 1, 1943 actor Leslie Howard, on a BOAC flight from England to Portugal, was killed when Nazi war planes shot his plane out of the sky over the Bay of Biscay killing all aboard. Enlisted by the British government, Howard, who will forever be known as Ashley Wilkes in the movie Gone With the Wind, had been evangelizing the Allied cause to Portuguese and Spanish audiences. Rumors persist that the Germans believed Winston Churchill on board and so attacked the pane. Evidence points to the contrary, and that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels ordered the attack thinking Howard was a dangerous propagandist and a threat to the German Reich. Read about the monument being erected in Spain. View a clip from Gone with the Wind. [1]

1 JUN 1944 – The French resistance was warned by a coded message from the British that the D-Day invasion was imminent.

[1] Farewell Ashley, Victory Theater: Hollywood And World War II

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