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The Unnecessary War

The Unnecessary War

Winston Churchill wrote that World War II was the unnecessary war. In truth, it maybe have been unnecessary, or at least minimized. It was the appeasement to Hitler’s complaints and violations of the Treaty of Versailles that gave him the freedom to push his objectives leading to war. In 1936 Germany re-militarized the Rhine and to further his expansionistic goals for Germany held the Hossbach Conference in Nov 1937 at the Reich Chancellery where he revealed his plans for acquiring Lebensraum (living space) for the German people which could only be acquired by force. The immediate objectives would be Austria and Czechoslovakia. Had he been held in his place at any one of several points, the war would have either been shortened or prevented. This really only applies to the war in Europe however as Japan, in Asia and the Pacific, was already exerting its imperial might. Japan’s goal was to acquire natural resources, but they were not in the same poor economic situation as Germany was after World War I.

Had there been a better plan for Europe after World War I instead of the harsh Treaty of Versailles the war would have likely been prevented, and likely never seen Hitler rise to power. I believe this fact led to the massive rebuilding projects after World War II in both Germany and Japan to get those countries back on their feet socially and economically.

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