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May 04, 1942 - May 08, 1942

The Battle of the Coral Sea began when TF 17, commanded by Radm Frank J. Fletchter, attacked the Japanese Tulagi Invasion Force at Tulagi, Solomons, where elements of the Japanese landing force had gone ashore to establish defenses. SBD and TBD aircraft, supported by F4Fs from USS Yorktown (CV 5), sank the Japanese destroyer Kikuzuki, minesweeper Tama Maru, auxiliary minesweepers Wa1 and Wa2. After refueling, TF 17 headed to Port Moresby to intercept the Japanese Invasion Group, which occurred on 7 May.

Theater:  Pacific Theater

ItemType:  Event

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Source:  Naval History & Heritage Command

Date Added: 2011-05-04

Tags: Coral Sea

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