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May 11, 1944

About 30 minutes before sunset USS CREVALLE (SS-291) surfaced off Negros Island in the Philippines to bring supplies to guerillas fighting the Japanese and pick up refugees. CREVALLE’s commanding officer, Frank Walker remembers, "My orders stated that we would bring out twenty five passengers and no baggage." The second canoe, carrying sixteen more refugees, was a total surprise. As many of the second group were women, children, and also included four American and Filipino soldiers who had survived the Bataan Death March, had made their escape and desperately needed medical treatment. Walker could not turn them away—CREVALLE took everyone aboard. Among the refugees was American missionary Paul Lindholm and his wife and four children. Lindholm made sure his family was safe aboard the boat and then, in Walker’s words, "returned ashore at the last minute to continue his ministry among the guerillas—much to the astonishment of his wife who expected him to accompany them to safety." The entire family would survive to be reunited at war’s end.

Theater:  Pacific Theater

ItemType:  Event

Source:  Submarine Force Museum and USS Nautilus

Date Added: 2011-05-11

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