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Timeline Event: IJN Yamato Sunk

Apr 07, 1945

IJN Yamato Sunk

Japanese air and naval units suffer a disastrous defeat in the battle of the East China Sea. Task Force 58 planes intercepted the Japanese Second Fleet heading for Okinawa. The 72,200-ton battleship Yamato was subjected to 3 hrs of bombing and torpedo attacks and finally capsized with only 269 survivors from the 3,292 man crew. It was the largest single loss involving a warship in history. Other casualties of the battle were the cruiser Yahagi, 4 destroyers and 54 aircraft. The US only lost 10 planes out of the 900 sortied.

Theater:  Pacific Theater

ItemType:  Event

Source:  World War II History

Date Added: 2010-04-07

Tags: Yamato, Battleship, 2nd Fleet, Yahagi, IJN, Imperial Japanese Navy, TF 58, Okinawa

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