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Timeline Event: Operation Dynamo

May 26, 1940 - Jun 04, 1940

Operation Dynamo

Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk began. In one of the most dramatic withdrawls in military history, a hastily assembled fleet of 861 ships and boats began pulling what was left of the trapped Allied armies off the beaches of Dunkirk. In a week, 224,585 British and 112,546 French and Belgians were taken to safety. About 40,000 Frenchmen were left behind. A total of 231 of the rescue vessels were sunk, mostly by the Luftwaffe, but German air strikes were restricted by bad weather and the tenacious fighters of the RAF. For all the glory that accompanied the gallant retreat, Dunkirk represented the nadir of the war for Britain.

Theater:  European Theater

ItemType:  Event

Source:  World War II History

Date Added: 2010-05-26

Tags: Dunkirk, Dynamo, retreat, withdrawl, France, rescue, Britain, British

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