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Jun 09, 1945

In coordination with Navy surface and air forces attacking in the Kurils, 6 B-24's and 8 B-25's of the Eleventh AF fly extensive armed weather recon and anti-shipping sweeps over Kurabu and Otomari Capes, Ichinowatashi, and Asahigawa. The B-24's score no results, half of them jettisoning their bombs. The B-25's then fly a diversionary bombing mission over Araido where they are attacked by 8 fighters. To evade them, the B-25's fly over Kamchatka where Soviet AA fire shoots down one, killing its crew. Another damaged B-25 crashlands in Petropavlovsk. This is the first time Soviet AA hits a US aircraft.

Theater:  Pacific Theater

ItemType:  Event

Source:  ArmyAirForces.com

Date Added: 2010-06-09

Tags: Soviet AA, Friendly Fire, 11th Air Force, USAAF, B-25, B-24, Bombers

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